Monday, February 8, 2010


Today will be remembered as historical day for DuchessPlace@Jalan Ampang where 8th February 2010 will be regarded as a birth date of DuchessPlace over the internet.

DuchessPlace begin its life journey from the abandon bungalow quarters into becoming a high class building at Jalan Ampang where it will accomodate people from middle and high class income group.

View of Main Dataran
View of Grand Hall


beauty said...

hi there sister, enshallah i would like to have my wedding reception at duchessplace within next year 2011, i just need to know the charges if i would like my reception to be as following:

- guests = 500 pax
- time = night / day (flexible, please inform me the charge for each)
- how about the catering? is it prepared by duchessplace or should be prepared by our party? if yes - would u let me know the menu
- is there a room for the bride to be prepared? or a VIP room for the bride?
- how much is the estimated charges for these? please let me know.
- email me at :

as soon as possible
thank u sister

rohaya said...
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rohaya said...


Hi there ,first of all I would like to say u guys have such a beatiful place. Keep it up. Anyway , I will getting marry by end of 2011, I'm still doing my research for my wedding place.

Can you give me quotation for this :
- around 600pax( day time)
- catering is it provided?
- does it include pelamin ?
- is there any holding room for the bride and groom?
- what about the parking space for guest?
- is there any package that u guys can offering me?

Hope you can get back to me as soon as possible ya.
Thank you dear.

E-mail me at :

sue said...


im planning to get married by end of this year & can u quote me the prices if i plan to have malay wedding at your place.

guest = 800pax

- do you offer any wedding packages? if yes, do you mind to share the details.

- any lcd/p.a system?

- how about the payment term?


kindly email me at

Anonymous said...

im planning to get married by middle of next year & can u quote me the price for:
- guest = 1500pax
- wedding packages?
- p.a system?
- the payment term?
- menu?


kindly email me at .com

Anonymous said...

Salam,i'm planning to get married by september next year and can u plz quote me the price for a garden wedding at nite for :
Guest= 1500 pax
Wedding packages?
Payment term?

Anonymous said...

Salam,i'm planning to get married by september next year.could u plz quote me the price for a garden wedding at nite for
Payment term?
Wedding packages?

Kindly email me at
Thank u

stella said...

Hi Stella here,

I am planning to get married by end of this yer 20/12/2012.s = 100 Kindly quote for me the charges as follows:

guest = 1000pax
time = night
catering and menu = how much per pax and what is the menu
what about the theme and pelamin?
email me at

Thank you sis

Anonymous said... name is yan.i'm planning to get married next year.(march)kindly quote me the package that duchess place wedding details as follow:

guest:800 pax

Please provide full details for the wedding package at my email address as follow:

Appreciate your prompt reply.thanks..

nadia said...

Hello im nadia. I would like to have quotation for my wedding next year on 14-12-13. I would like the wedding to be at night. What package are you offering?
Guest : 500 pax
Is it buffect or seated?
Appreaciate if you could provide the details to my email
Thank u very much

Khairee Shahdila said...

Hye, could you please email me buffet malay wedding packages for next year? Estimated 1500 pax. Email:

Anonymous said...

Kindly quote me:
400 pax
Nikah - afternoon
Reception - night
Theme - elegant english wedding